Achieve your dream home with Morin Design Build Construction

How we work

When you decide to do a new project, we will gladly meet with you at your convenient location (we prefer to meet at the job site)  to review your needs.  We are unique in offering our in-house design services.  We always suggest that you have us involved during your design process so that we can guide you to steer the design towards something that will fulfill your needs while remaining within your budget.


Morin Design Build Construction understands that remodeling projects need very detail planning before work begins and very special care while the construction phase.  We know that our customers are inconvenienced while the work is taking place either for the reason that they are living with us working in their home or because they are living in temporary a location.  To minimize this inconvenience, we make sure to have all materials lined up before they are needed and we take our time planning to optimize our schedule. We always take all steps needed to keep our jobsites safe, clean and comfortable.

Custom Home 

Crafting a unique custom home is our specialty at Morin Design build.  Regardless of the size or cost of the project, our main goal is to maximize the value for the budget and to conduct the process in such a way that it is enjoyable for you as our customers. We only build four to six custom homes per year so that each home receives our full attention to every detail.

Ron Morin's Custom Design build offers luxurious custom homes, renovations, interior and architectural designs